Features b4 Layout

Think about the features you want to design, before working on a general layout. Rather than creating the shell of the site (search bars, logo placement, etc) think of the feature you need to build first & create it.

General Layout b4 Details

When designing your first pages, focus more on page & asset structure and less on fonts & colors. In fact, completely forget bringing color to your pages until you're happy with the page. "By designing in grayscale, you’re forced to use spacing, contrast, and size to do all of the heavy lifting".

Don't spend too much time designing

If you spend all of your time designing, you won't ever get to actually implementing your designs. The perks of designing in low-fidelity allow you to work swiftly, allowing the actual product to be built asap.

If you're designing & coding...

Spend as little time as possible designing, so you can effectively focus on creating the application that you have a rough version of over on Figma. "Once you’re happy with the basic design, make it real."

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